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★Size: OD4.0x1000mm
★Weight: 26g
★Color: black line with black shell, white line with silver shell
★Material: TPE high elastic wire, aluminum shell with mesh tail sleeve formed at both ends
★Current: Actual 2.4A standard 3A Max
★Plug: A male purple rubber core copper pin is gold-plated, apple head copper pin is gold-plated, salt spray after 24 hours.
★Copper core: 60*0.08*2C+0.08*16*2C tin-clad copper
★Applicable: all generations of Lightning socket iPhone mobile phones and ipad universal
★Features: Apple integrated head double-sided plug-in contact with gold-plated 6 pieces of E75 decoding IC, universal market for all I5 or above Apple mobile phones charging without screen jump, tough, wear-resistant, pull-resistant fast charging, data transmission, iTunes software update download, LED smart breathing light charging blue The light flashes slightly and the blue light is always on
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